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yamaha mt 07 review light in weight and on the pockets too

Yamaha MT-07 review: Light in weight and on the pockets, too

Want to get in with the big boys but don’t know where to start. Here’s one possibility

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

15 Apr 2017

For the newly initiated, big and powerful motorcycles can appear to be a mean and unfriendly thing that requires a careful approach; much like how one would approach a tiger. Enter the roadster motorcycles, or for the purpose of this review, enter the Yamaha MT-07.

This isn’t the first time this writer has squeezed the throttle of a motorcycle from Yamaha’s MT range; specifically, the MT-09 Tracer. Where the MT-09 Tracer is made taller and broader as how a good touring bike would, the Yamaha has created a version that lets newbies gain experience in the big bike world without getting their feet too wet.

The size agrees with rookies, the MT-07 is scaled down in height to allow Malaysians with average height to comfortable put boots on the ground. the MT-07 is made slim to make lane splitting easy.

With the oil and fuel tanks filled to the brim, the MT-07 remains lightweight at just 179kg. Factor that with an agile chassis, the MT-07 makes handling an undemanding and straightforward affair — everything a rookie rider would want. Around the corners, the MT-07’s Michelin Radials reassures that the bike will stick to the road; playing its part of keeping the bike stable throughout. 
Around the corners, the stability that transmits from chassis instills confidence that you’ll be going around and completing the corner with the bike upright. Thanks, in part, to the wide 17-inch tyres that put down a reassuring amount of grip.

The bike draws power from Yamaha’s new 689cc two-cylinder four-strobe engine that produces 74hp and 68Nm of torque. Partnered with a six-speed transmission, the MT-07 accelerates away smoothly without ever feeling weak. 

This roadster motorcycle will get up to speed fairly quickly, and that is when things start to get uncomfortable. Although the MT-07 remains a comfortable ride at speed, that soon gets chipped away for the lack of the windshield when you need to brace for strong winds. But that’s quite obvious especially, given the positioning of this bike.

Yamaha has made the MT-07 to be an able performer for the first time big bike rider. The MT-07’s engine has enough power to make it exciting and the lightweight chassis to make the bike interesting around corners. Factor the pocket-friendly price of RM35,296 and its good looks, you now have more reasons on this bike’s saddle. 

(This review first appeared on and have been translated and edited for Behind the Wheel. Click here for the original article.)

Yamaha MT-07



Two-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled, DOHC, four valves, fuel injection



Wet clutch


74hp @ 9,000rpm / 68Nm @ 6,500rpm


2,085mm x 745mm x 1,090mm / 1,400mm

(length x width x height/wheelbase)



with GST

Overall Rating

7_5 Rating