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yamaha nvx review proof you can have a lot for not so much

Yamaha NVX review: Proof you can have a lot for not so much

Well-specced scooter with plenty of premium features with one exception — the fuel tank

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

29 Aug 2017

What surprising about this Yamaha is the volume of stares followed by questions of “what is this?” at the stop lights. It’s surprising because this writer isn’t riding some high-powered rocket but a scooter that shouldn’t have attracted much attention. And yet…

The scooter in on test today is the Yamaha NVX, a little city runabout that certainly deserves a second look. What drives a gulf between the NVX and the rest of the pack begins the moment you look at its LED headlamps, which recalls the same of Yamaha R25.  This scooter looks big and muscular, and it does give off a wasp-like aggressive vibe.   

Even at the back, this scooter doesn’t disappoint, looking all proper and solid especially when its 14-inch reach wheel is shod with beefy wide tyres. Like the front, the rear lights are LEDs as well.

Completing the looks of the NVX is its agreeable performance, especially when scooting around the city. For that, Yamaha has machined in a liquid-cooled, four-stroke 155cc Blue Core engine that is responsive with every twist of the throttle. With a maximum output of 15hp and 13.8Nm of torque, the NVX sprints up to 125kph without effort. Yet, the automatic transmission that comes with the NVX performs best during laid-back rides.

And this NVX does ride well. The sitting position is configured to be comfortable and having a wide saddle doesn’t leave you drained when you arrive at the end of the ride.  Furthermore, the wide rear tyres and firm suspension afford a grippy and confident handling. 

Stops fast, too. Large hydraulic disc brakes up front and drum brakes at the rear cuts speed fairly quickly. Most importantly, the NVX is armed with ABS, something that you don’t see on motorcycles in this price range. 

In fact, the NVX does come with a few things that aren’t usually seen in bikes of this class. Keyless start, a 12V socket in the front compartment, large LCD speedometer screen, 25-litre under-seat storage and Stop & Start system all adds value to this already wallet-friendly bike. 

If there was a flaw in the NVX it would be the fuel tank. It’s a tiny one, capping out at just 4.6 litres, you really can’t go far in between refills. While the engine may be efficient, the NVX’s kryptonite is the 4.6-litre fuel tank. It’s tiny; this writer could only manage a range of approximately 28km per litre of fuel. You can do the math.

In spite of its relatively short range, the NVX shouldn’t be passed up. Yamaha wants only RM10,500 for the NVX and with its long list of solid features, this scooter gives you plenty to think about.

(This review first appeared on and have been translated and edited for Behind the Wheel. Click here for the original article.)

Yamaha NVX


155cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke, SOHC, VVA, liquid-cooled


V-Belt Automatic


15hp @ 8,000rpm / 13.8Nm @ 6,250rpm


1,990mm x 700mm x 1,125mm / 1,3500mm

(Length x Width x Height / Wheelbase)



with GST

Overall Rating

8 Rating